5 Executive Search Tips to Expedite the Hiring Process

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Now, more so than ever before, it has become a real struggle for companies to draw in the quality talent that they are really looking for, and even once an ideal candidate has been identified, that opportunity to snatch them up can be gone in an instant, the candidate lost to a competitor. To better meet this problem, companies will need to begin finding ways in which to make their executive search and hiring processes as fast and efficient as possible, without sacrificing the effectiveness of the program to seek out, identify, and draw in the best and brightest candidates. To help companies achieve these goals, here is a list of five guidelines drawn up by executive search firms to speed up hiring without compromising for quality.

1. Develop a Detailed Description of the Position

Before anything else can be done, companies will need to start by writing up a thorough description of the position available, including a detailed list of the duties and responsibilities required of it, as well as the skills necessary to fulfill the them. This information is easily accessible by discussing the topic with those employees who work in close proximity to the position and have a working knowledge of it.

2. Tap In to Internal Networking Opportunities

One stage of the hiring process which can take up a great deal of time is the initial job of locating and reaching out to potential candidates through any number of means in order to alter them to the availability of a position. This whole process can be greatly expedited if companies would take only reach out through their employees to spread news of the position through their own professional networks. This method can allow a company to disseminate such information rapidly and to a wide candidate pool.

3. Implement More Selective Procedures

Before calling in dozens of candidates for full interviews only to discover that many of these individuals are under qualified or possess expectations which do not match those of the company, and are ultimately a waste of time, employers should reduce the time spent in this fashion by adding in a tactical step to pre-assess candidates’ qualifications. This can be done by the conducting of a simple, brief phone interview used to touch on those most elementary aspects necessary of the candidate to judge their suitability.

4. Plan Ahead and Cut Back On Unnecessary Delays

One of the key reasons that many companies lose their hold on a choice candidate is due to a drawn out hiring process which prolongs the time it takes to finalize the hiring of a candidate because of superfluous procedures. This can be an issue of conducting too many interviews or dragging out the offer negotiations. Cutting back on these unnecessary steps can go a long way in helping retain the interest of choice hires.

5. Consider Outsourcing Certain Hiring Steps

Finally, companies should consider hiring third-party executive search firms and recruiters, professionals who have honed the hiring process to a science, to help speed things up. These external organizations and individuals can help by extending the companies networking abilities, therefore drawing in more quality candidates, as well as being able to help narrow down that pool through the conducting of pre-interview assessments on the companies part.

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