Social Media — A Recruiter’s Favorite Tool

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Recruiters have been using social media as a tool for recruiting for a few years, yes, but most companies aren’t using it the way ePrize did as a way of hiring a new employee.

Samantha Bankey, who is a recent college graduate, was following ePrize on all of their social media outlets trying to get a post-graduation job. This is common practice for new grads as a method of job seeking. It allows you to check out the company, the culture and figure out their appreciation for new technology, if they have any.

Bankey was a former intern for ePrize, and because she followed them and interacted with them, ePrize took notice of her. The company followed her back on her own social media outlets, namely her Instagram, and they gained an appreciation for her photography skills and knowledge.

Not even two weeks after her graduation, Bankey was offered a position at ePrize via an Instagram. ePrize used social media in a great way to find new talent that fit into the company culture.

The moral of the story is that companies embracing social media in new and surprising ways is a benefit to the whole organization. Why is this ideal?

1. ePrize was a pretty unknown company, mostly only known within their geographical location. Using Instagram to hire a new employee got their name out which is a win for company branding.

2. Grads might realize that when they are looking at smaller companies they will be valued there and more likely to explore those routes.

3. A lot of media outlets are talking about this, which is driving more traffic to ePrize’s websites.

4. Samantha Bankey is probably extremely flattered and is now going to work hard to prove herself.

Companies are beginning to become proficient in their use of social media, which is a good thing, but not only are they becoming proficient but they are becoming innovators as well. There are more benefits to using social media through the recruiting process than negatives so why not use it. You can be creative and have fun with social media.

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