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September 25, 2012

Executive Search Firms on the Horrors of Bad Hires

Hiring is never an easy process. You dedicate the time an effort to finding the perfect individual, someone who fulfills all the necessary skill and experience requirements, someone who looks good on paper and interviews well. However, despite all this time and dedication, once the individual has been hired things…
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September 11, 2012

Executive Search and Hiring Strategies Following the Death of the Interview

Recent studies into the effectiveness of certain hiring processes and strategies have returned with the surprising result, indicating that perhaps employers should begin considering abandoning the interview process all together. This conclusion has been the result of varying studies the results of which have indicated that statistically anywhere from fifty…
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July 9, 2012

Executive Search Firm Advice on Common Hiring Mistakes

The executive search, candidate sourcing, and hiring processes are often difficult enough to handle with errors being made along the way. Conducting such procedures require an investment of time and money if they are to be done correctly, to resources the loss of which will only be exacerbated by a…
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June 11, 2012

4 Executive Search and Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

However difficult the candidate sourcing/hiring processes can be at times, conducting these procedures thoroughly and effectively plays a vital role in the health of a company, and failing to do so the first time around will only cost the company valuable time and resources when the process must be repeated.…
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May 23, 2012

Executive Search: 10 Common Hiring Mistakes and Solutions

One of the most crucial responsibilities of a leader is in selecting the right people to help drive growth in the company. When a selection is made properly, your company will be rewarded with all the benefits that a high-performance team has to offer. On the other hand, if done…
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