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Dallas, Texas
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Steve Harrison

Steve is a Partner with Conselium Compliance Search.

Steve has fifteen years of international recruiting and search experience covering compliance roles across industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Technology, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Retail.

In addition to working as a full-cycle compliance recruiter, Steve is responsible for client relationship development and ensuring clients and candidates receive the best level of service possible.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica is a Recruiting Director at Conselium Compliance Search.

Throughout Jessica’s career, her primary objective has been to provide solutions to her clients. Working with highly qualified resources in local markets, Jessica identifies, coordinated and executes strategies to deliver results tailored to each client’s’ unique goals.

Maurice Gilbert

Maurice Gilbert was a pioneer in the compliance world when he founded Conselium Compliance Search in 2003 in response to increasing demand for corporate compliance and ethics. He has filled important roles around the globe for large and small companies alike. He founded a publication called Corporate Compliance Insights in December 2008 to further the discussion and professional knowledge exchange of important, forward-thinking corporate governance, risk and compliance topics.


Anthony Vogel

Anthony has been in the staffing industry for the past 5 years covering healthcare, compliance and Oil &Gas. During this time Anthony has been responsible for business development, recruiting and ensuring that the highest quality candidate is placed for each position.

Clark Conine

has been involved with the staffing business since 1993 when he graduated from Texas Tech University with an Accounting degree. While Clark’s primary responsibility is to run the day to day strategic concerns of Censeo Consulting Partners and Conselium Compliance Search, he still enjoys working on searches and making strong matches between companies and candidates. Clark makes it a priority for his organizations to know their industries and to respect their client’s time by sharing only very high quality candidate matches.