05 – The Offer Process:

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Today’s topic is going to be the offer itself. What has lead to this is the actual interview process; the client has identified whom they want to extend the offer to.

The components of the offer are these: we do a comprehensive reference check, we act as an intermediary to help facilitate the offer being put forth and accepted and bringing closure. First, the reference checking is far more comprehensive then checking how long they may have worked in one place. We may spend as much as an hour with a reference because we are getting detailed information.

We are looking for information about the candidate’s work ethic. Their presentation skills, writing skill, we are looking for an objective view for the professional’s verbal and communication skills. Another component we are looking is the character of the professional. Did the individual face adversity, what was it, and how did he or she respond to it.

Another thing we ask in the process are the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate. It’s very beneficial to the candidate because these references will be very forthcoming with their information. If we can find out how a candidate may improve their skills, whether it’s their technical skills or their soft skills, this can be exceptionally important for the candidate’s growth. So that is the basic reference-checking component.

Regarding the offer, there is not a lot of give and take. This is not like negotiating in a flea market with a vendor situation. Typically what we do is we encourage our clients to extend their best offer right then and there.

For example, we were working for one candidate and client and we presented early in process what the candidate’s expectations were. The client knew of this upfront and much to our surprise, they extended an offer that did not initially meet these minimum qualifications. They subsequently revised the offer, but too much damage had been done. This process of the nickel and diming turned off the candidate when the best offer was not made. This caused this particular deal to fall through.

Another thing that we do throughout this process is that we encourage our clients to let us do a verbal presentation of the offer. This is important because this can be an emotionally charges process, like buying and selling personal real estate. What we do is we extend a verbal offer to the candidate. The candidate will openly confide in us if there are any particular issues. If any issues surface, then we can take those issues to the client and get those resolved.

For example, often times when we are working with professionals toward the end of the calendar year, they are going to be leaving a bonus by severing ties with their current employers. Of course they are reluctant to do so and walk away from a sizable bonus. When we get information like that we can help suggest alternatives such a sign on bonus to help alleviate the pain of walking away. It’s the give and take and exchange and us being an intermediary that helps bring closer to the offer.

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