4 Great Habits of Recruiting Leaders

leader diverse teamAre you a recruiter at the top of your game?  The goals in any profession are mastery and leadership.  A recruiter hoping to climb the ranks can practice these four habits to demonstrate leadership potential.

Show That You Listen

This means more than paying attention to what’s being said.  Take, for example, discussion within staff meetings.  Demonstrate that you’ve thought about the ideas expressed by talking to your manager about points of interest, asking questions and keeping the conversation going beyond the first day.  Taking initiative in driving conversations forward to be seen as a thought leader.

Treat Others with Courtesy

Be attentive and make an effort to show candidates that you care.  A personal touch helps to provide a (positive) memorable experience for candidates.  Try not to send robotic sounding emails or messages, which can make candidates feel they’re just a number to you.  Be as responsive as possible, prompt in your communications and kind.

Slow Down

Yes, there are time-to-hire goals to consider, but rushing through the process can lead you to overlook key components.  Set milestones for yourself with each potential candidate and stick to them.  Working systematically in this way may help you to develop your own best practices, which you can turn around and share with colleagues to help the team improve its performance.

Share Opportunities

Scaling the corporate ladder doesn’t have to mean stepping on others’ heads on your way up.  Promotions are partly earned and partly awarded.  Just as you’ll be offered opportunities and empowered to prove your capabilities by the leaders above you, you should do the same for others.  Delegate responsibilities, giving your team a chance to stretch and to deepen their experience.

Published by Conselium Executive Search, the global leader in compliance search.  

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