5 Habits of Highly Successful Hiring Managers

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After 20-plus years as an executive recruiter, I‘ve worked with hiring managers all over the world and in many different industries, and they all want the same thing: the best possible candidate and the lowest possible cost-per-hire.

And so do you! Today you get to benefit from my experience. I can tell you that there are some hard-and-fast rules you should follow, regardless of your sector or company size. To increase your chances of making successful hires, follow this advice:

Know What You Want

I’ll say this again: know what you want! You’d be surprised how many execs haven’t really given deep thought to the role they’re hiring for, the skills required and the personality that would make the best fit.  I spend many hours with hiring authorities exploring this question, and so should you.

Stay on Track

Have a well-defined timeline that involves planning and preparation before your search even begins. Don’t make the mistake of getting buried by (and sidetracked with) resumes and applicants before you’ve completed step number one.

Be Flexible

Stay a little open-minded when it comes to evaluating candidates. There are times when adjusting your expectations makes sense. A big part of what I do is helping hiring authorities recognize when to prioritize something and when to let it go.

Keep Your Eye on the Goal

This process takes time. So stay fully engaged, hold all of the other stakeholders accountable to the timeline and be sure to follow through at all stages of the process no matter what else might come up. And yes, something will always come up. So focus!

Always Be Closing

A successful hiring authority knows that this process involves selling the job and the company to the candidate. And sometimes even to the candidate’s family, believe it or not. Whether you’re talking to an active or a passive candidate, make sure you’re communicating the benefits of joining your team.

Whether a hiring authority is a seasoned veteran or a relative newbie, I review these guidelines every time I launch an executive search. The result of this kind of partnership and preparation? Better candidates faster and more cost effectively.

Your organization’s success this year depends in large part on making great hires in key areas. Review these rules – and good luck out there!


Maurice GilbertMaurice Gilbert is Managing Partner of Conselium Executive Search, which specializes in placing Compliance Officers and Legal Counsel for clients in the U.S., Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific. Maurice is also CEO of Corporate Compliance Insights, a worldwide publication devoted to governance, risk and compliance issues. Maurice can be reached at maurice@conselium.com or maurice@corporatecomplianceinsights.com.

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