…and Knowing is Half the Battle

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Line of candidates

Line of candidatesNo doubt you’re inundated with resumes. A wealth of options is a good problem to have, though selecting one among hundreds can be extremely time consuming. But once you’ve narrowed the field, the more significant challenge remains: ultimately bringing on board the best person for the job.

Christine Santacroce offers three key tips for closing the deal with your top candidates.

  1. Find out why they’re looking in the first place. Maybe they’re unchallenged by their current role and day-to-day responsibilities. Perhaps their greatest motivator is financial. When you can pinpoint candidates’ needs and desires, you’re able to present an offer that addresses their primary concerns.
  2. Determine what’s most important to your candidates. Salary is an important factor, of course, but it’s not always the deciding factor. Dollar figures aside, work/life balance and flex time may your top candidate’s greatest focus. Or maybe the promise of performance-based increases or continued training will be just the thing to sweeten the deal.
  3. Get insight into the competition. If the candidate is entertaining other offers, knowing the particulars of those offers can help your company perform more effectively in negotiations.

Winning your top picks comes down to making the best offer – not only financially, but in terms of meeting the candidate’s unique needs.

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