Are you being penalized?

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Every year employees have to renew their insurance and see what the best benefits and policies are for them.

It should be an easy task, seeing as that many companies offer the same thing throughout the board, and it is just a “renewal.”

However, times have changed and this is not the case anymore.

With increases in unemployment, and many employees having family members on their insurance, whether the primary holder of the policy is the husband or wife, for women, there may be some penalties resulting in the next year.

As new laws are implemented in 2014 and the health reform laws provisions come into effect, employers will be faced with added cost and coverage for more employees.

So what does this mean for spouses? Particularly wives’ coverage?


Added surcharges (approximately $3,000 a year) will be charged to those who decide not to partake in their own employers’ coverage and go through their husbands.

As we approach 2014 and the time for open enrollment, be aware of those spousal surcharges and do your research.

It may benefit you in the end.

For more on the new laws and spousal surcharges click here.


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