A Bleak Outlook for New Grads

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Even a cursory glance at the graphic below makes clear that the real world doesn’t measure up to new grads’ expectations.  Some of their hopes for the first job out of college may be a bit lofty, but many are very reasonable.  For instance, having just dedicated four plus years to obtaining a degree that the business world tells you is mandatory – and that has been touted as the chief means to making a decent living – new grads expect to earn a fairly respectable income right out of the gate.  But 41 percent earn less than $25,000 in their first year.  Because the financial reality falls far short of expectations, and because new grads continue to face a worrisome job market, major steps into adulthood (such as living in one’s own place and enjoying financial independence from mom and dad) are coming later and later.

new grads 9-18-14

Infographic courtesy of Accenture.com.

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