Employee Retention and Technology: Stay Connected

The Hiring ProcessYou might think cutting-edge technology doesn’t affect your field. New research shows that to be far from the case. Whether you’re in the film or legal industry, chances are your company’s technological capabilities are at the top of job seekers’ ‘determining factors’ list.

According to a recent survey, access to workplace technology is a crucial element of employee attraction and retention. 72 percent of potential employees consider “better technology” to be important in their decision making process, and this number climbs to 92 percent among Generation Y (ages 18-29) candidates. These striking numbers indicate that workers want current technology, no matter the industry.

Other percentages reveal that nearly 22 percent of the respondents to the survey would leave or consider leaving a job if technological advances weren’t updated, and more than half indicated that the latest tablets, smartphones and software were essential in performing their jobs.

So what does this all mean? You may think you can put off updating your company’s computers or handing key players the latest (and greatest), but you could be jeopardizing yourself in the long run.

Read the full results of the workforce technology survey for more insight.


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