Executive Search Tips for More Innovative Hiring Tactics, Part 2

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To continue from the previous half of this article on the top ten creative recruiting practices compiled by executive search firms, here five more tips companies should use to improve their hiring process.

6. Increasing Hiring Presence Through New Mediums

While the more traditional methods of candidate sourcing, such as posting job descriptions to job search sites and forums, remain useful tools in the candidate search process and should still be used, newer and far more effective options are now available to employers. More and more companies have begun expanding their executive search processes to include more uncommon forms of candidate sourcing, such as implementing web video and podcast techniques into their searches to tap into the newer more popular mediums which allow the message to be seen by a much wider audience.

    7. Tap Into Social Media as a Means of Candidate SourcingInnovative Hiring Tactics

As opposed to posting a job descriptions online and then sitting back and waiting for a pile of résumés to show up and be waded through, employers need to begin taking a more aggressive approach in the hunt for the perfect candidate and start tapping into social media sites to search for these individuals. By making use of sites such as LinkedIn, Brazen Careerist, and Visual CV, employers can take on a much more active role in this process, with the prospect of finding better results more efficiently.

8. Make Your Advertising Visible to Choice Candidates

All too often when companies use the same old traditional job posting sites to advertise a position, those postings can be lost in the milieu of other job ads and have a much greater chance of going unnoticed by candidates. While that is not to say that these sites should not still be taken advantage of, employers should begin making use of more targeted and industry specific means of advertising their open positions to the public. This can be as simple as posting ads through industry related publications where it is more likely to be noticed by the right kind of individual.

9. Follow Up on Old Leads

While new leads and networking opportunities should always be sought for employers to expand their candidate pool, more often than not companies overlook one of the simplest means they have of finding new candidates, and that is by taking a look back at their past candidates. While a previous applicant may not have been the ideal person for the position they were applying for at the time, that is not to say that they might not be perfect for the current opportunity. Also, even if that previous applicant is now comfortably employed and not job seeking, they can still be tapped as a networking opportunity to source other potential candidates.

10. Implement Incentives for Employee Referrals

One of the most valuable networking opportunities which employers frequently fail to recognize is the professional connections that can be found in their own current employees. In order to make an effective use of this tool, many companies have begun offering its employees some kind of monetary incentive for the referral of a candidate who is successfully hired.

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