Five HR Resolutions for 2014

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calendarYesterday we outlined several New Year’s Resolutions for job seekers.  Today’s focus is on HR.  Oracle’s Mike Vilimek suggests wide-ranging improvements or greater attention to a number of areas, including:

Candidate Experience

You’re most likely to win top talent when you make a positive impression from the get go.  A person who’s dissatisfied is far more likely to advertise their experience to friends and family than someone whose experience was seamless.

Employee Experience

As consumers, we have come to expect simple, personalized experiences, an expectation many are carrying over into the workplace.  If they’re not already, over time, your staff may grow impatient with cumbersome processes, redundancies and outmoded practices.

Big Data

If you’re at a loss here, you’re not alone; this trend is a bit confusing.  In brief, the concept is analyzing a large set of data to identify opportunities for improvement, ultimately to increase metrics such as operational performance and retention.


Why not source referrals from existing employees?  It’s certainly more cost effective to leverage those connections, and referrals have been proven repeatedly to net quality candidates quickly.

Mobile Compatibility

Companies on the forefront of recruiting trends utilize mobile-friendly systems in their recruiting process.  The number of job seekers conducting job searches largely on a smartphone or tablet is growing every day.

There’s always room for improvement… Where will your organization start?

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