Gen Y Forcing a Change in HR

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Generation Y represents the most socially connected and technically savvy contingent in today’s workforce.  They’re also, in large part, some of the more self-assured candidates out there.  They expect certain allowances and accommodations, and many HR departments are meeting those expectations.  And, frankly, they probably should be.

Consider social media use during business hours.  Millennials want it, and some organizations are slow to grant it for fear of taking a hit in productivity, no doubt.  These companies might look at the situation in a different light, however… they can either restrict access to social media entirely, or they can harness their younger workers’ passion for it and leverage that passion for the good of the organization.  This isn’t the only area in which Gen Y is driving change among HR practices and policies.  From recruiting to training, business as usual just won’t cut it anymore.

 geny-at-work1 11-6-14

Infographic courtesy of ConnectiveAge.com.

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