Good Managers Don’t Criticize the “C Suite”

By August 28, 2013 No Comments

It may be tempting for you, as a manager, to criticize the “C Suite” in front of your staff should you not agree with some of their decisions. After all your thinking is that you’re just being honest and in doing so you are building a relationship of transparency with your staff. Quite the contrary, your position may be viewed as pitting senior management against the rest of the organization and this would be very divisive.

So what should you do as a manager if you don’t agree with certain decisions of upper management? My advice is that you be supportive. This response is what is required if you’re in a military battle….you defer to your superiors so that the organization can present a united front and in do so you increase the chances for the success of the organization.


— Maurice Gilbert, Conselium founder & CEO

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