Hire Entrepreneurs, Not Employees

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Instead of finding a great employee to hire, maybe instead you should be looking for a great business partner or fellow entrepreneur. There is an overall discrepancy between what hiring managers think Millennials value most as they enter the workforce and what they actually say that they value most. Hiring managers think they value higher pay while the Millennials say they actually value meaningful work the most. This shift that has taken place in workers’ attitudes is something that hiring managers need to understand as they try to build their army of entrepreneurs.

Recruit now. Hire later.

Any employee can be “entrepreneurial” but what hiring managers should really keep an eye out for are people who exhibit excitement about bringing their own ideas to life when they are looking for potential entrepreneurs which is all the time pretty much.

Hiring managers should be proactive in their approach to recruitment and always be on the lookout for the next entrepreneur. Otherwise, if you are waiting until a hiring need arises then a panicked hire could be the result. A panicked hire is typically not going to be successful.

A panicked hire can be a costly mistake for employers and it also does not look good to employees either. Employees can tell when they have only been hired out of desperation and this will significantly lower their excitement about the company. An employee who was courted over a period of time on the other hand is going to go into their new job feeling special because their new company pursued them.

Build an army of brand ambassadors.

The most important factor in this strategy is probably the employer’s current employee base. Giving employees power over the responsibility of bringing in new employees and more or less helping to grow the business can go a long way in motivating them to refer new employees to the company

Recognition is also key. Employers sometimes forget how much employees value getting recognition for their efforts and contributions to the business but it is definitely essential. Once people understand how a business works and how they fit into it, they’re engaged on a whole other level. When you teach people the business, magic starts to happen.

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