L’embauche à L’étranger? (Hiring Abroad?)

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You may have cracked the code to writing job ads for a certain field, for your company or for your local market.  But if you’ve been tasked with penning an advertisement for an international position, you’ve probably found yourself playing a somewhat different game.

As with any variety of writing, it’s important to know your audience and write with their needs and expectations in mind.  But international recruiting requires cultural awareness; to win talent in different marketplaces, HR professionals must consider cultural nuance and develop employer branding and job ads accordingly.

Step One: Understand the Three Main Cultural Types

The Lewis Model of Cultural Types is a theoretical approach to classifying cultures; countries and regions are categorized into or between linear-active, multi-active and reactive types according to how they prefer to give and receive information.  See the graphic below.

Lewis Model

Keeping in mind different cultures tend to operate can be immensely helpful in presenting information to candidates from those regions.

Step Two: Align Job Descriptions with the Culture

Consider the Linear-Active cultural type.  When writing for job ads in, say, Germany or Switzerland, you might get straight to the facts.  Individuals from a cool, factual culture tend to be less receptive to ads focusing on subjective factors, such as company culture.  They’ll want to hear facts about the company and the position.  Provide detailed information about the scope of the role and its responsibilities.

On the other hand, Multi-Active cultures respond well to language emphasizing aspects that play into emotions.  This variety wants to see a greater focus on personality types and to read details about the work atmosphere, including corporate culture.

On the other other hand, we have Reactive cultures, those described often as courteous, accommodating and amiable.  For this group, you’ll want to stress in the job description the importance of skills such as relationship building and negotiations.

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