Hiring “Customer-Ready” Staff

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bellCustomer experience is among the top priorities in any organization, arguably a close second only to profitability.  Because customer interaction is such a critical touch point, it would stand to reason that employers would focus on staffing workers who consistently deliver an exceptional experience.

But since that X factor is hard to measure, it can be difficult to identify candidates who are “customer ready.”

Workplace consultant Jay Forte wrote on the notion recently for ERE.net, positing that employees often lack in this department partly because the company hasn’t established clear standards for service that drive both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Forte shares one client’s approach to attracting and hiring “customer-ready” candidates for his dental practice:

“…he and his team have redefined their service vision to become more ready for the moment of relevance – of that all-important connection to the patient.  They are taking the time to build a loyalty formula into their vision statement – one that openly shares that the dental procedures will always be done right and that all patients will be treated with the office’s defined level of exceptional care.”

For this business, providing an exceptional customer experience is the service standard.  The practice evaluates potential new hires for empathy, respect and friendliness, among other traits.  Candidates who don’t exhibit these qualities don’t make the cut.

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