What are You Doing to Improve Employee Well-Being?

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heartbeatTom Rath, author of several bestselling books on business and leadership, believes corporate leaders are falling short in a key area: they give too little thought to whether their employees have enough energy to be effective from day to day.

Rath – whose works include the hugely successful “StrengthsFinder 2.0,” “How Full is Your Bucket” and the recently published “Eat Move Sleep” – delivered the keynote address at the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) annual conference last month.

He asserts that if organizations hope to build and maintain a productive workforce, they’ll need to begin giving this some thought.  According to Rath, a meager 8 percent of the workforce believes their well-being is positively impacted by their employers.  There’s a good deal of research indicating that workers’ relationships with their bosses is a huge factor in their engagement and satisfaction at work.

Rath also suggests that perhaps “the quality of your immediate manager may be more important for your physical health than the quality of your physician.”  No pressure, leaders out there.

By and large, subordinates want relationships with their managers based on trust and caring.  His notions on leaders’ potential influence are sobering at times, but they can also be quite empowering, as long as leaders’ powers are used for good!

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