Keeping a Competitive Edge to Win Talent

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successA competitive edge is essential in the war for talent.  And it is a war, with battling companies employing increasingly clever and at times even underhanded tactics to win top talent, particularly in industries impacted by Baby Boomer retirement and on-shoring in manufacturing fields.  So what can you do to attract top talent for these in-demand roles?

Three tips:

  1. Strengthen your brand. Take a look from an outsider’s perspective to see how the general public perceives your company and its values.  Are there misconceptions that need to be addressed?  Are there relationships that could be fostered to better build brand awareness?  Is your company operating in the spaces (social media, nonprofits, industry associations) that potential high performers frequent?  Take care to close any gaps so that the candidate community hears the message you intend to send.
  2. Build up sales- and action-oriented recruiters.  Gone are the days when recruiters could simply wait for the resumes to come pouring in.  Just as candidates are selling themselves through targeted resumes and well-rehearsed interview pitches, recruiters must be selling the brand, communicating a strong message about why your organization is the one to work for and how it will continue being a major player in its space.  Recitations won’t do, either; they’re forgettable.  Effective efforts will be engaging, compelling and memorable.
  3.  Consider revising your hiring processes.  If what you’re doing is working (well and consistently), awesome.  You’re already attracting, securing, and retaining excellent employees.  You may stop reading.  If you’re coming up short, though, it’s likely some changes need to be made.  And if you’re not sure where to begin, enlist an advisor or firm specializing in recruitment process optimization who will dive deep into your existing processes, find opportunities for improvement and offer recommendations to get you back on track.
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