Why are Millennials Struggling to Land Jobs?

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young man with oversize head

young man with oversize headMillennials are widely known for their tech savvy and connectedness, but according to many employers, these attributes carry some negative connotations, as well.

A portion of this group of twenty-somethings are often striking out in interviews – when they get that far – for a couple of reasons.  For some, nonstop use of social media channels such as Twitter and Snapchat and a preference to dialogue largely by text rather than through email or by phone has stunted the generation’s communication skills.  Many don’t know how to articulate ideas effectively or just communicate professionally in a business setting.  Likely some don’t even realize how important this skill is to employers.

Employers have also cited attitude as a problem among this set.  Some Millennials seem arrogant in their interviews or – worse! – entitled, a sure turn-off to hiring authorities.  It’s not uncommon for younger interviewees to use slang or overly casual language, respond to a text or even answer a phone call during an interview.  And, horrifyingly, I’ve heard stories of new grads bringing a parent to the interview, presumably to make the hard sell for hiring them.  It would indeed be a hard sell.

This isn’t to say that Millennials fall short in the brains department.  Far from it.  What this seems to reveal, however, is a possible need for professional training in business etiquette.

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