Missing the Mark with Mis-hires

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Hire/Fire – the cost of mis-hiring

If you’ve ever hired that “perfect” employee only to find out a few months later you’ve mis-hired, you’re in good company. However, knowing you’re in good company doesn’t ease the pain or expense of replacing that employee with someone new.

Mis-hires cost money. And probably much more than you think. Not only do you have the expense of replacing the mis-hire, you will very possibly suffer a monetary loss caused by the mis-hire’s actions or inactions. The mis-hire may damage your company’s reputation or may affect the morale of other employees, especially if they are forced to take up the slack caused by the mis-hire.

Mis-hires are more than just an unfortunate situation. Read The Real Cost of Replacing a Mis-hired Employee for additional information about the problems caused by mis-hires.


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