Optimization is the Key

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flat tire bike“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it:” an adage many of us heard from fathers and grandfathers and a pearl of wisdom in many circumstances.  It’s the way the majority of us go about our daily routines and our careers, as well.  And recruiters aren’t immune to the lure of habit and repetition.

But hey, when methods and strategies prove effective, why shouldn’t they be put into action again and again?

The thing is, while a go-to process might be working pretty well, there could be potential for much greater return by using a different tool or approach.  And tough times in recruiting – when turnover is high and talent is in short supply – often lead to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), an option more than half of employers have either already utilized (30 percent) or are actively considering (23 percent).

When it seems your recruitment team is flailing, though, Douglas cautions against opting for considerable change when a fresh perspective might be exactly what’s needed to help them bounce back.  Counsel from an experienced recruiter can lend insight into opportunities to optimize existing processes, perhaps reducing turnover, minimizing lost opportunity costs and increasing productivity, profitability and ROI.

The bottom line is this: whether you keep your efforts in house or outsource the process, the goal in recruiting should be expediency and effectiveness.  So does your recruiting process need a tune up?

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