Retaining Employees Starts on Day One

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It’s easy for a new employee to look past the price tag that a company paid to bring them on board, but the employer doesn’t forget it for a second. Salary and benefits aside, hiring expenses range from recruiting advertisements, hours of screening potential candidates, interviewing, and finally training the new employee.

And the stress?  There’s always stress associated with firing and hiring.   Best practices dictate that employers do all they can to help new hires settle in so that turnover cycle doesn’t repeat itself too soon.

With a little bit of drive, companies can boost employee morale by keeping them involved in the company – which can help them stick around.

Here are two quick tips:

  • Share your company’s story and personality with the new employee. Most companies overlook this idea even though it can strengthen an employee’s understanding of the company. In this way, the new hire will know who they are working for and want to be involved in the corporate culture of their organization.
  • Outline your goals for the new hire early on. That is not to say, “We need $X by this point.” Rather, state the company’s mission or vision so that problems can be solved more easily and any goals — monetary or otherwise — can be reached with larger and more meaningful ideas in mind. This will establish and build motivation as well as further the new hire’s integration as part of the organization.

With all of the inner workings of a company it can be hard to recognize if the business environment is conducive or not for a new employee. That’s why it is important to focus on these matters before the employee becomes dissatisfied with his or her role in the company. Make refining your techniques for new employee integration a top priority.

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