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September 26, 2013

How On-Trend is Your Recruiting Process?

This year's recruiting trends are all about social (professional) networking, mobile recruiting and data management.  So beef up your LinkedIn contacts and make sure your recruitment and application processes are mobile friendly. Global Recruiting Trends 2013 Infographic from LinkedIn Talent Solutions  
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July 31, 2013

Facebook Business Page Must Haves

Today, pretty much any company or business is going to have a Facebook page if they want to reach their ‘fan base’ or their customers. Or they will be using some other form of social media if Facebook doesn’t quite fit the platform for their audience. But Facebook is one…
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June 26, 2013

Social Media — A Recruiter’s Favorite Tool

Recruiters have been using social media as a tool for recruiting for a few years, yes, but most companies aren’t using it the way ePrize did as a way of hiring a new employee. Samantha Bankey, who is a recent college graduate, was following ePrize on all of their social…
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Social media people gathering around a phone
May 22, 2013

Social Media Is Turning Your Company to Glass

Social Media Is Turning Your Company to Glass Digital reputations permeate our lives, so it’s time to make sure nobody is throwing stones. As a hiring authority, you need to invest energy in monitoring your organization’s social media reputation. Why is that important? Well, there’s no denying that social media…
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