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Teambuilding: Tips for High Performance – Part 1

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This is the first part of a two-part e-tip on team building. This month’s e-tip focuses on the “harder” topics such as structuring your team. Next week’s e-tip will give tips on the offer topics, such as communication, recognition and creating trust.

7 Tips for Building Your Team

1. Observe group dynamics. Should an individual be an underperformer or have a negative attitude, they must be removed from the team. It’s true: one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.

2. Hire carefully. Bring appropriate talent to the team; identify what talent is needed for each individual role. Encourage and support continuous improvement.

3. Diversify. Having team members with different experiences, ethnicity, and problem-solving approaches leads to fresh ideas.

4. Clarify each person’s role including deliverables, timeframes, etc.

5. Develop a cross training program. This protects the team should someone leave and it also provides stimulation that keeps everyone challenged.

6. Welcome new teammates. Turnover is inevitable to all teams. Assign a mentor to the new team member until he/she gets up to speed.

7. Encourage individual team members to hold each other accountable. Have everyone agree on an accountability system. The team leader cannot be everywhere and observe all interaction.

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