The Art to Writing An Interview-Getting Resume

Whether you are a recent college graduate or maybe you are switching careers or you’ve just been out of the game for a while, in order to find the great job you are looking for, you need to create a masterpiece. Otherwise known as a great resume that will get you an interview with your dream job.

Resumes that get noticed over ones that do not are resumes that promote you as the product. You want to sell yourself to the potential employer and make them want to hire you. Your resume will tell them why they want to.

How do you do this? Here are some tips on how to write your great new resume:

Take into account everything in the advertisement. Make sure you paid attention and you know what it is the hiring employer is looking for. You want to be able to offer what they want and more.

Find employees in the same department that you are applying for on websites like LinkedIn or Twitter and see how you compare to them on a corporate scale. If you match up, it’s possible you would be a good fit for that position.

Make sure your skill sets are a close match to the top performers and is in line with the requirements for the position. If you are lacking a lot of those skills, it will make your resume less likely to stand out.

Look at the “problem areas” in your resume, for example, an employment gap. Think about how to spin those. Maybe you learned some new skill or a foreign language.

In as few words as possible, you want to tell the employer why they should be hiring you. Or at the very least, calling to offer you an interview. Tell them what benefits they will get from hiring you and what your assets are and how they will help the company.

Employers want to see action and achievement in resumes. Try to use sensory verbs and qualify your skills. This will be more interesting to employers and make you more likely to stand out.

Remember, you are writing a resume for a short-term goal and a long-term goal. The long-term is of course to get hired and get a new job. The short-term goal is for the employer you sent your resume to to call you and offer you an interview. The interview is the first step.

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