The Executive Search and the Significance of the Job Description

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Executive Search TacticsWhen it comes to filling any position in any organization, ultimately the most important aspect of the whole executive search and hiring process is the development and writing of the job description. This fundamental and essential aspect of the hiring practice is not only the cornerstone of these processes but can in fact go a long way in determining the level of success that the employer will meet with. Given the extreme importance of this single aspect of the hiring process, employers should come to regard this stage of the process with the full significance it deserves, learning to strategically asses any position that should open up and translate these assessments into a job description that is as effective as possible at communicating to the reader what is necessary to fill the position as well as attracting them to it.

The first thing that the employer or hiring manager should come to understand is the true significance of developing an all-encompassing and thoroughly detailed job description. Not only is the job description intended to function as a guide both to intrigue prospective candidates and to give them an in depth understanding of what the position entails and what will be necessary to full it, but also fulfill this same role for the employers themselves. In order for those running the hiring process to be able to carry out their duties with a certain degree of efficacy they will first need to come to a complete understanding of the role in question. They will need to learn everything they can about the duties and responsibilities held by the individual filling the role, the part they play in helping the organization to meet its goals, how this role interacts and with various other positions within the company, and any number of other factors that may help to define the position.

In order to gain all of this intricate knowledge of the position they are seeking to fill, the employer will need to conduct extensive research into the role before they begin to write up the job description. Coming to such a thorough understanding of the position will require a moderate investment of time on the employer’s part. To begin with, even before the a position opens up and requires that hiring procedures be implemented, the employer should already have taken the time to come to a comprehensive understanding of the web of connections amongst the organization’s departments and teams, and at least a general understanding of the various positions within those divisions.

However a good, well-rounded job description must do a bit more than just list off the facts of the position. In a time when it has become increasingly difficult to attract talented individuals in the executive search and candidate sourcing processes, a good job description must also serve to draw such candidates in by including brief descriptions of the compensation and benefits associated with the position, as well as a quick rundown of who the company is, what they do, and how they work to create value in their employees.

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