The Top Three Recruiting Investments to Make in 2014

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top 3We all know it: when done right, recruiting is among the most valuable functions of an organization.  Continually finding and bringing on top talent – staff that will move the business forward, strengthen its key processes or services and drive innovation – is critical to a company’s ongoing success.

So when there is room for improvement in such a significant part of the operation, it makes sense to take action.  Christopher Young, of Recruiter.com, wrote last month on the top three areas employers should explore to further invest in recruiting.

Mobile Compatibility.  More and more candidates are conducting their job searches via smartphone or tablet, so it naturally follows that companies with mobile-friendly career pages will get more traffic, and likely higher quality traffic at that.  According to the article, 70 percent of job seekers use mobile technology to search for jobs.  Companies would be wise to revamp outdated career pages in order to allow candidates to search job postings, submit a resume and/or fill out an application without the use of a desktop.

New hiring software.  Likewise, to remain competitive, an upgrade may be in order for your company.  Newer programs have enhanced reporting abilities, allowing users to access data anywhere and at any time, as well as enhanced reporting abilities, providing the recruiting team greater insight into opportunities for change and improvement.

Video Interviewing.  Conducting interviews via Skype or other video software saves employers both time and money, particularly when it comes to management and executive candidates, who may be flung far and wide.  Additionally, while this tool is quickly catching on, many employers are still carrying out face-to-face interviews exclusively.  So this process can be a welcome and fun respite for candidates.

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