Twitter is King in Recruiting and Brand Building

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Twitter has been associated most often with the navel-gazing set – celebrities and teenagers foremost.  But this tool has uses far beyond keeping up with the foibles of young heartthrobs and first-world problems of over-financed heiresses.

Employers far and wide – including major players such as Disney (@TWDCjobs) and Google (@googlejobs) – are using Twitter to broadcast job openings, connect with job seekers and drive up consumer engagement with the brand.  According to a survey by Sprout Social, 92 percent of employers are engaged in social media recruiting in some form, whether through LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

Even beyond social recruiting, Google uses Twitter to spread the word about its corporate culture, upcoming events and initiatives.  Likewise, Disney profiles employees, advertises opportunities and gives followers a glimpse into what it’s like to be on the Disney payroll.

Social recruiting is clearly working for these industry giants.  Take a page out of the Disney and Google social recruiting playbooks and get innovative.  With more than 645 million users, Twitter is the perfect space to woo and connect with potential candidates.  Just keep those messages short and sweet.  At a limit of 140 characters, you haven’t got much choice.

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