Virtual Success

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How can you target a successful remote employee?

Telecommuting…is it good or bad? It depends.

And what can your company do to ensure virtual success?

First, you must understand the qualities that make up a good remote worker. These are not always the same qualities you want in an office worker. While the candidate’s ability to do the job is essential, you must also determine if the candidate can be successful in a remote environment. Besides being independent and self-motivated, remote workers must be able to solve problems on their own and work comfortably in a socially isolated environment. An introvert may be a much better fit for a remote position than an extrovert, who may thrive as an officer worker.

Even though independence and self-motivation are important characteristics for remote workers, they still need the support and leadership of a strong management team. Be sure your remote workers feel a connection to the company and its mission. To learn more about successfully hiring remote workers, read 6 Steps Toward Hiring Productive Virtual Employees.


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