What’s Your Leadership Style?

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bosses cheeringWe’re nearing year end, so many of us are probably gearing up for annual employee reviews.  Stressful as they can be, assessments are critical.  Reviews provide a formal forum for feedback (say that three times fast) and open dialogue about leveraging strengths and seizing opportunities to grow and improve.

But how often do leaders take a good, hard look in the mirror?  Do you know what kind of leader you are?  Can you name your strong points as a manager or executive?  More importantly, do you know where you could stand to improve?

Fierce Inc., a leadership development and training firm headquartered in Seattle, suggests there are four common styles of leadership:

The Dictator

Most easily seen in someone who barks orders.  Dictators are often stressed, serving in a demanding role and constantly pressed for time so that a domineering management style may be more reflective of a need for efficiency than the manager’s personality.  This kind of boss may not receptive to feedback.

Recommendations: Involve employees in problem solving.  Make it a point to seek out feedback from employees, who can likely offer keen insight and actionable solutions.

The Cheerleader

This variety of manager wants to be everybody’s friend.  Cheerleaders are quick with a word of praise, but often uncomfortable with confrontation or constructive criticism, which can stifle growth on the team.

Recommendations: Address problems with employees honestly and proactively.  Issues don’t fix themselves.  And chew on this: the company’s performance and bottom line has got to trump your need to be liked.

The Visionary

The Visionary, or the Innovator, is constantly looking ahead, imagining what the business might look like in several years.  This forward-thinking leader is a risk taker who believes in the need for constant improvement.  He or she can be inspiring to work for, but may not provide much guidance on day-to-day work.

Recommendations: Strategic direction and long-term goals are critical, don’t get me wrong, but don’t forget that your team operates in the here and now.  Make sure you’re providing the kind of leadership that addresses both today’s issues and any to come.

The Perfect Boss

That rare gem of a leader who mentors, inspires, challenges and respects employees.

Recommendations: Congratulations.  If you fall into this category, you’ve just got to keep up the good work!

Granted, since few of us fit neatly into one box or the other, you probably share characteristics with some or all of these leadership styles.  But which describes you best?

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