10 Questions on Interview Questions

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questionsMaking a positive impression is priority number one, whether you’re conducting an interview or sitting comfy in the hiring manager’s chair.

Recruiter.com’s Michael Moffa offers a guide to reviewing your questions before preparing for an interview, keeping these questions in mind:

  1. Is my question going to sound clichéd, stale or formulaic, rather than core?
  2. Am I asking a question or asking it in a way that will demonstrate competitiveness or collegiality?
  3. Am I going to sound like I want, really want, important information, or more like I want to showboat? (To put this differently, will my question suggest I am seeking truth, or triumph?)
  4. Is the question going to suggest that I am ignorant or stupid, rather than eager?
  5. Will my question sound like informed acknowledgement, or like sucking up?
  6. Will I sound nosy, aggressive and invasive, rather than interested?
  7. Will the question suggest I am asking in order to express, explore, or elicit something, and is my action intention clear?
  8. Is the question – or is it likely to be seen as – a trap or a switch-and-bait set-up for something else?
  9. Will be question be seen as an evasion?
  10.  Does the question convey a sense of entitlement or presumption in its content, timing or tone?

Regardless of your role in the interview, you don’t want to put the other person off – or to sleep – so, as always, keep at the forefront of your mind either what you’re looking for in a recruit or what the company wants to see in a candidate.  Then cut the fluff and ask your questions accordingly.

Read deeper into Moffa’s questions here.

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