Be a Better Manager in 2015

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Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year?  Every January, many of us make plans to improve ourselves, inside and out.  We’ll be more generous, lose weight, save more, drink less.  For some, the resolutions are more professional in nature; we’ll change jobs, take the next step up the corporate ladder or better inspire our teams.  Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for becoming a better employee or a better manager.  Every company differs in their expectations and every team differs in their needs.  There are, however, plenty of hazards you can avoid in your pursuit of perfection.

Start off 2015 with a bang and be sure to steer clear of these common management missteps.

Infographic: Top 20+ organizational change management pitfalls

Infographic courtesy of Torben Rick.

Published by Conselium Executive Search, the global leader in compliance search.  

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