Change Management Made Simple

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There’s nothing certain in life but death and taxes.  And change, of course.  We can count on change as sure as we can count on the sun rising in the morning.  As Sam Cooke sang it years ago, “a change is gonna come.”  This is doubly true for businesses, where failure to evolve can be the difference between breaking even each month and growing a thriving organization.

That said, leading change is no easy task.  You’ve got to know what needs alteration and where you can continue business as usual.  You’ve got to find a suitable solution.  You’ve got to communicate your vision and get buy-in from your team on some level.  And much more.  Here are some of the best questions you can ask as you prepare to guide your team through a period of transition.

change management 10-23-14

Infographic courtesy of Torben Rick.

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