Consider the Salt and Pepper

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salt and pepper shakers

salt and pepper shakersHow concerned should we be when candidates appear overqualified?  There might be a few skeletons in their closets, yes, but it’s just as likely that you’re looking at potential employees whose only secret is that they want to forfeit a few responsibilities in the hope of working more reasonable hours.

One of the chief concerns when faced with an overqualified candidate: money.  Is the seasoned worker going to cost you more than someone with just a few years of experience under his belt?  Perhaps.  Salary has got to be weighed against other factors, however, including experience; the overqualified applicant may be able to offer skills and expertise beyond what less experienced candidates bring to the table.

Further bolstering the case for the experienced candidate:

  • You may have a shoo-in when a leadership opportunity opens up.
  • She could offer wisdom and insight her younger competition cannot.

On the other hand:

  • This person could be a flight risk, jumping ship (pardon the mixed metaphor) when something more on-level with his experience comes along.
  • It’s possible the overqualified candidate is applying to virtually every position for which he or she is remotely qualified – meaning there may be little interest in your company or in the position at hand.

While the negotiations may prove more challenging for an candidate you view as overqualified, often they’re worth a second look.

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