Employee Satisfaction is in Your Hands

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Professional woman giving thumbs up

Professional woman giving thumbs upA recent survey by the Kelly Outsourcing and Consulting Group, which measured employee engagement and retention across multiple industries, found that 65 percent of workers feel a lack of commitment to their current employers, with 44 percent of those respondents (120,000 participated) actively seeking other opportunities.

The survey also makes clear that – in addition to a large portion of the workforce being unhappy in their current positions – the average worker believes their direct supervisor plays a central role in his or her job satisfaction and engagement (more than two-thirds stated as much).

And dissatisfied employees’ chief complaints about their bosses revolve almost exclusively around failures or deficits in communication.

Respondents were asked about what their bosses could improve upon – save bestowing salary or benefit increases and granting promotions (which take the lead among employees’ desires, pleased with their jobs or not). The results are as follows:

  • 60 percent wished for more training opportunities
  • 49 percent indicated they’d like clearer responsibilities, goals and objectives
  • 33 percent cited a need for more transparent communication

Additionally, the factor most commonly associated with employee commitment and engagement was “more interesting or challenging work.” So while clear communication is vital, so is the demand for staff to feel fulfilled and invested in, concerns managers should work continually toward addressing.

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