Keep Communication Open

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A thought candidates have after applying for a job, is whether or not their application or resume will actually be seen or just float out in cyberspace.

Communication is key when you’re job hunting, and applicants expect those communication lines to be open.

Candidates nowadays expect employers to “be transparent about how the process works and what they can look forward to if they were to work for the company.”

What are things candidates are insisting upon?

1. Know Candidates’ Value. What are they worth? How will they measure up in your company?

2. Walk in Candidates’ Shoes. As an employer, you should know what applying for a job at your company feels like. Take a look at the candidate’s perspective.

3. Hear Candidates’ Feedback. Any feedback, whether positive or negative, is good. It only helps improve and identify the problems.

4. Speak Clearly to Candidates. Communicate….simple.

5. Answer Truthfully.

6. Deliver What You Promise. If your site says it takes two minutes to complete an application, make sure it actually takes two minutes.

By increasing communication with potential hires or applicants, it not only helps the candidate in telling them where they stand, but also helps the company which gained criticism and feedback through the hiring process.

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