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candidatesEarlier this year, Recruiter.com covered an interesting recruiting technique employed by FP7, an ad agency in Dubai.  Apparently the agency hid prepaid cell phones inside hollowed-out books and mailed them to top talent.  And if the prospective hire cracked the cover, he’d find the gem, preprogrammed with the phone number for the agency’s Executive Creative Director.

Pretty clever.  FP7 at once got the attention of in-demand creatives, sidestepped headhunter fees and other recruiting costs, netted the firm international attention and strengthened its brand.

Quicken Loans also takes a novel approach to recruiting, sourcing potential hires in unexpected places.  The company once sent employees out to local restaurants and retail stores to interact with the staff and “offer interviews to those who really stood out.”

App search engine Quixey offers a test-incentive combo to potential recruits, gamifying the process with a challenge on their website to correct a programming bug in under a minute.  Candidates who can correct the issue win $100 and a meeting with a hiring manager.

Using fun, interactive recruiting methods can help your organization stand out from its competition – a strategy both job seekers and employers ought to be exercising more often.

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