Look Before You Leap

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man who made a mistake
man who made a mistake

How can you avoid a hiring mis-match?

Whether you are a candidate looking for a job or a company looking for a candidate, there’s a chance the match you make will be a mis-match. In a recent survey of 2,000 new hires by Development Dimensions International, half of these respondents expressed remorse about their decision. The survey also included 250 staffing directors who concluded that nearly 14% of their new hires were mistakes.

Why do these mis-matches happen? There are various reasons. Job seekers will sometimes take the first job offered; knowing that it isn’t a good fit. Other times they simply don’t research the company to determine the company culture. On the other side, hiring managers are sometimes under pressure to make an immediate hire and accept a lesser candidate than they require or they do not fully vet the potential candidate.

So what can you, as a job seeker or a hiring manager, do to increase the likelihood that the match you make will be a good one? If you are a job seeker, research the company thoroughly and determine if you will be happy with the company as well as the job. If you are a hiring manager, learn to properly evaluate a potential candidate and don’t be afraid to employ tools such as pre-employment tests and personality profiles to help you select the best candidate. For additional information, check out Mark McGraw’s article, Hires’ Remorse.


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