Recruitment: are You Looking for the Perfect Match?

Before you begin the hiring process, identify the right candidate for your company’s unique culture. Recruitment can last days, weeks or months. If you approach this daunting task with clear goals, the process won’t feel like you’re navigating uncharted waters.

Focus on three important factors: The right attitude, the right fit for your company, and an eagerness to learn. These qualities may seem like afterthoughts given the importance placed on credentials and experience, but they are essential. After all, you can’t teach a great attitude or desire to grow. While previous work history and background play important roles, they tell you nothing of actual interaction with a prospective hire.

Do you have a small business feel? Do you prefer to run by strict standards? Are you a jeans-and-tee or suit-and-tie company? These types of questions can go unanswered when looking for the right employee.

The bottom line is to make sure you are looking for someone that fits with your team. You’re running a business family—and often spend more time with these teammates than anybody else!

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Published by Conselium Executive Search, the global leader in compliance search.  

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