Survey: The Advantages of Telecommuting in 2014

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telecommutingDespite the fact that some large corporations have done away with work-from-home programs altogether, the advantages of telecommuting are unmistakable.  A recent survey by PGi revealed just how beneficial working remotely can be, both for the individual and the company.

PGi, a leading provider of technology for collaboration and web meetings, found that, of the 1,000 knowledge workers surveyed, 80 percent reported that their employers allowed telecommuting at least part of the time

Also notable among the findings:

•  82 percent of respondents reported decreased stress

•  80 percent said the option was great for morale

•  70 percent indicated that working from home led to improved productivity

•  69 percent reported that being able to participate in a telework program reduced absenteeism

•  49 percent stated they work remotely once per week, and 22 percent worked from home five days a week

PGi Executive Vice President of Strategy & Communications Sean O’Brien affirms that participating in telecommuting programs offers not insignificant rewards: companies reap the benefits operationally and staff benefit emotionally.  In some cases, a flexible work model – a day or two (or five) away from the office – is the key ingredient to improve productivity and increase profits.

Published by Conselium Executive Search, the global leader in compliance search.  

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