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February 2011

Hiring Effectively

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Hiring Effectively: Throw out The Laundry List Most hiring authorities use an extensive list of criteria such as: certifications, years of experience, responsibilities, education, etc. I have known managers to have more than 15 separate criteria. Having such rigid criteria often will eliminate professionals that may be the best fit….

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Why Brand Your Audit Department

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Branding your audit department is essential for your success. A brand consists of a logo, a name and the entire feelings and expectations created by a product or service. Why brand your audit department? To show your customers how your department positively affects the company To set expectations for your…

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How to Mentor

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Mentoring Successful managers are strong mentors to their staff members. This is done by: Being a positive role model and identifying other managers that can do the same. Supporting your staff in calculated risk-taking that is essential for their growth. Working with your staff individually to understand and help them…

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Evaluating a New Job

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Know How to Evaluate a New Job: Ask these 4 questions to evaluate whether a new job may enhance your career: 1. Is the company well established in their field? 2. Will the position meet my immediate career and lifestyle goals? 3. Will there be continued options for career growth…

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