Hiring Effectively

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Hiring Effectively

Hiring Effectively: Throw out The Laundry List

Most hiring authorities use an extensive list of criteria such as: certifications, years of experience, responsibilities, education, etc. I have known managers to have more than 15 separate criteria. Having such rigid criteria often will eliminate professionals that may be the best fit.

A more effective approach to hiring is to develop three or four non-negotiable “must haves” that represent success in the job. Example: I worked with one of my clients to develop a list of non-negotiables for a Tax Partner and we came up with the following:

  • Technical proficiency in corporate income tax
  • Ability to teach, coach, mentor subordinates
  • Ability to generate new business

Defining a small number of attributes and experiences is a challenging task but it is time well spent. It is a process that causes you to narrow down what makes for a successful employee.

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