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Chief Compliance & Risk Officer – Major University – Waco, TX

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Chief Compliance & Risk Officer

Major University

Waco, TX

We are exclusively representing a university with an international reputation for educational excellence in its search for a Chief Compliance & Risk Officer.

Why Join Us:

  • Lead a multifaceted compliance and risk program at a nationally ranked research university consistently ranked as one of the nation’s “Great Colleges to Work For” by the Chronicle of Higher Education

Expectations first 12 months

  • Develop and implement a broad compliance and risk program and institutional plan designed to proactively identify and address risks to the university, evaluate internal controls, schedules, and timetables to improve compliance with all state and federal reporting mandates and regulations, federal contractor obligations and established fiscal standards.
  • Review, evaluate and report on the status of the College’s compliance efforts, and identify potential areas of compliance vulnerability or need for improvement, corrective action or future monitoring.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Independently and objectively function to systematically review and audit a broad spectrum of college operations and policies for compliance with federal, state and local laws, and applicable regulations and guidelines, to optimize institutional efforts and identify areas for improvement.
  • Function in the capacity of the college’s reporting officer or agent for internal reporting regarding financial improprieties, fraudulent practices and other related violations of the college’s standards of conduct and ethics where known or suspected.
  • Leads a Team responsible for hands-on Compliance functions in areas including: Athletics, Finance, Regulatory, Minors on Campus, Health, Food & Drug, Risk, etc..
  • Conducts a systematic review and evaluation of operational policies and procedures to monitor compliance success in regard to state and federal regulations relating to public institutions of higher education, accreditation requirements and standards, state agency guidelines and overall best practices.
  • Works with Accessibility Services and On-Line Services & Instructional Support to review and set college-wide policies, appeal processes, and support to professional staff and training for compliance.
  • Monitors compliance activities at the college-wide and departmental level to identify trends and recommends proactive measures.
  • Develops and oversees a system for the uniform handling of alleged violations involving improper financial or fraudulent activities, or other breaches of established ethical standards, and for initiating investigative protocols and recommending corrective action. Serves as the institutional reporting officer for compliance and reports of fraud and financial impropriety.
  • Establishes and provides direction to Human Resources concerning an employee compliance program, including the use of a reporting hotline, employee and management training, and increased awareness of institutional standards and protocols.
  • Develops and updates audit programs and checklists and monitors implementation process based upon audit findings.
  • Monitors college compliance regarding required disclosures and dissemination of information, the proper filing of mandated reports on academic standards, equal opportunity and equal access efforts, institutional research, security and risk management, financial aid and fiscal audits as required under applicable regulations for public institutions of higher education.
  • Monitors action taken by college administration to implement recommendations or corrective measures contained in any internal audit report and of any federal, state, or county agency or entity with regulatory authority.


  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience in compliance administration, planning, quality management, research or evaluation.
  • Bachelor’s degree in business, management, accounting or related field. Graduate or legal degree preferred.
  • Knowledge of the process involved in the development and implementation of an institutional compliance program.
  • Ability to read and interpret complex regulatory and legal documents; interpret and analyze applicable Federal, State, and local laws, rules, and regulations
  • Knowledge of internal control principles and compliance procedures, and ability to identify potential areas of compliance vulnerability and implement improvements and corrective action.
  • Ability to respond to critical matters in a professional and effective manner, and exercise discretion and sound judgment
  • Knowledge of audit principles.
  • Working effectively in a diverse community of students and employees

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