Conselium has completed a global compliance monitoring manager search on behalf of Alcon Labs

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Conselium, an executive search firm, has completed a search on behalf of Alcon Labs a division of Novartis.  Ms. Mala Nagindas began her role of Global Compliance Monitoring Manager on 12-10-2012 in their office in Fort Worth, Texas.

Ms. Nagindas’s Responsibilities include:

  • Partner with Regional Compliance Functions to understand compliance risks and agree on priorities to develop the Global compliance monitoring strategies
  • Implement Global monitoring plans
  • Utilize metrics and tools to monitor compliance; and, enforce standards to collect, consolidate and analyze information to identify trends and potential risk areas
  • Perform monitoring activities for select business units
  • Identify root causes and provide insight to the risk assessment and prioritization of mitigation activities
  • Advise on appropriate remediation and ensure timely and appropriate corrective action is taken when compliance violations are identified

Ms. Naginda was previously with Johnson & Johnson as an International Compliance Professional.

Although it’s based in neutral Switzerland, Novartis has been aggressive in attacking illnesses on multiple fronts, including pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and consumer health. Its largest division, Pharmaceuticals, develops and manufactures prescription drugs for blood pressure, cancer, and other ailments. Novartis’ Sandoz subsidiary produces generic drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients, while the Vaccine and Diagnostics segment makes immune health and blood-screening tools. Its Alcon division makes ophthalmic drugs, surgery systems, and contact lenses. The Consumer Health unit includes OTC medications such as Excedrin and Theraflu, as well as agricultural animal and pet care products.

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