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By: Maurice Gilbert, Managing Partner of Conselium Executive Search

modern officeSo you want to cultivate an atmosphere that draws employees in, that makes them want to come to work.  But where do you begin?  Creating a space that fosters creativity, productivity and innovation takes more than adding a few comfy chairs and abstract art pieces.  Consider these points if revamping your office and revitalizing output is on the agenda.

Design should be reflective of company culture.

Organizations that pride themselves on their flexibility and imbue their staff with a sense of autonomy ought to have workspaces that mirror those traits.  For instance, rows of cubicles don’t send that message like an open floor plan does.  The latter affords more mixing between peers, across departments, and with leadership.  There is no one-size-fits-all design solution, just as no two companies are identical in mission and ethos.

Think of workplace design as a stimulus.

Creatively designed spaces engender creativity, something to keep in mind if creativity is a priority.  Offices that seemingly eschew an inspiring aesthetic in favor of a purely functional space can’t expect the same outcome.

Consider the composition of your staff in your design planning.

Does your workforce span three or more generations?  Their needs and assumptions regarding what the office environment should look like are undoubtedly diverse.  Do many of your employees work from home part or all of the time?  You may currently be occupying far more space than you actually need.

Enlist the pros.

There are plenty of organizations out there that specialize in evidence-based workplace design.  There is, of course, an investment associated with bringing in a design consultant firm, but professional guidance in this arena can save you a bundle in recruiting costs and even dramatically improve retention, engagement, and performance.


Maurice GilbertMaurice Gilbert is Managing Partner of Conselium Executive Search, which specializes in placing Compliance Officers and Legal Counsel for clients in the U.S., Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.  Maurice is also CEO of Corporate Compliance Insights, a worldwide publication devoted to governance, risk and compliance issues. Maurice can be reached at maurice@conselium.com or maurice@corporatecomplianceinsights.com.

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