Increase Employee Motivation with 3 Simple Steps

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motivationWe all want motivated employees; they’re more productive, more self-driven and generally require less direction than their less inspired counterparts.  In some instances, employees come ready equipped with built-in motivation – they aim to exceed in all things, regardless of the function, goal or challenge at hand.

It’s important to note, however, that motivation can, to some extent, be cultivated among your staff.  The following are a few ideas for how to develop a more engaged, invested workforce.

Release your grip a bit. Allow employees to take ownership of projects and help them develop their own leadership muscles as a result.  The best leaders are also mentors, and many younger workers believe they can benefit from their bosses’ experiences.  Participate in mentorship programs to foster a sense of collaboration within your team and sow wisdom and insight into your subordinates.  Seventy percent of Fortune 500 companies have mentorship programs, and they’re good company to keep.

Give credit where credit’s due. Your team is likely doing much of the work you get pats on the back for from executive management or the Board.  Pass on the love, and then some.  Be sure to recognize staff who make exceptional contributions.  Financial rewards are great, but a simple, heartfelt “thank you” in front of the employee’s peers goes a long way, as well.

Delegate according to staff strengths. Each member of your team is skilled in different areas.  Some will thrive in planning roles, while others shine in execution.  The project will be completed faster and with better results when its contributors are able to work where they’re most talented.

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