The Perfect Hire is Out There, Somewhere

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candidatePerfect employees don’t just fall out of the sky.  Often, they’re happily employed, making their current employer equally happy.  Sometimes the perfect employee for your organization has a work history, or lack thereof, that makes them look a bit undesirable.  Recruiting top talent is tough under any circumstances, but these strategies can make the experience less grueling:

  1. Identify the right channels to communicate to ideal candidates, whether it be via job boards, social media or a combination thereof.
  2. Save time and reduce cost-per-hire by using an automated solution to post job ads, capture candidates’ data and even build social talent communities.
  3. Actively recruit from among passive candidates, many of whom aren’t currently looking for a job change, but are open to one if the price, benefits and location are right.
  4. Revisit your application process regularly.  If it’s too tedious or inconvenient, applicants may abandon their application altogether.
  5. Use progressive video screening tools for initial assessments and first interviews.  On top of being a time and cost saver, it’s been reported recently that video technology is a powerful recruitment tool.
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