Before we present you with a slate of candidates and begin scheduling interviews, we make sure you and your team are fully prepared to conduct an interview that will yield a “perfect match.”

We coach clients on finding an appropriate balance between asking questions to determine if someone is qualified — and actually selling the opportunity to the candidate. If we’ve put a candidate in front of you, it’s because they’re attracted to the opportunity and we know they’re right for the job.  We help you communicate to the candidate that the job is right for them.

We also review the “due diligence” questions today’s savvy candidates might ask you in an interview.  Again — competition for top compliance talent is fierce, and today’s compliance professionals face the risk of personal liability on the job.  This means they’re more likely than ever to ask an employer tough questions before considering an offer, so we make sure you’re prepared to respond.

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February 27, 2017

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February 27, 2017

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